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As we float through the brilliance of autumn there isn't a better time to stock up on books for winter reading. And how easy it is to shop from your computer and buy e-books that only take up space on your e-reader.

I'm pleased to announce that three of my Avalon books are now on Kindle from Amazon, Family Affairs, Tropical Dreams and Love's Design. And there is still more to come from Amazon. Racing hearts on Kindle and paperback editions of each of the mentioned books. You'll also find some of my other titles at www.amazon.ca.

Also, soon to be released, a Retro-Romance of my 1983 Silhouette Special Edition, Lovesong, from Samhain Publishing. I always enjoyed writing this book and I'm thrilled to see it re-released. For that I'll become Faye Wildman again!

Enjoy reading,

Jillian Dagg

I’ll let you know when the Kindle books are available.

Lucky 13 and The Fletcher Legacy can now be read on a NOOK from Barnes & Noble.

And The Fletcher Legacy is always available in multiple formats from Smashwords.

These are exciting times for avid book readers. You never have to be without something to read.

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My e-book THE FLETCHER LEGACY is now available on Smashwords.

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The Marriage Dance
5 Stars and a Reviewer's Choice Award from Scribes World!

With steamy scenes, the relationship begins to heat up and Dagg takes the reader on a wild ride showing a deep understanding of the dance world mixed in with the world of a lawyer. An exciting fast-paced read, this is one book destined for the keeper's shelf if it is not already there.

-- Brenda Ramsbacher, Scribes World Reviews


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