When Laura Taylor launches her Ladies Limousine Service in Duluth, Minnesota, she isn’t at all sure who her clientele will be. Each customer is a new surprise. Then a woman named Carol Fells books the limo for a romantic outing with her boyfriend. But Carol isn’t home when Laura arrives to pick her up. Laura is left to deliver a confusing note to tempting dark haired Michael Renwick and drive him to Diamond Rock. From Diamond Rock to an overnight stay at Pine Cove, Canada, Laura’s trip wavers between fear and suspicion. Has she been used to drive illegal cargo over the border in the trunk of her limousine? And why is she so attracted to Mike when Carol is his girlfriend?


Music industry mogul Adam Stevenson is a force in and of himself. A professional maker and breaker of dreams, Adam manages the careers of the elite – to the extent he’s forgotten how to manage his own family, his own life.
Now, with Katy’s family soon to be tied to Adam’s, will their whirlwind romance turn out to be one giant mistake – or the only thing that can bring the music back to life inside their wounded hearts?


Two rock stars, two very different paths – both leading to one eternal love song.
Adrienne is riding the high of a successful career. The hottest singer in rock, she’s the darling of the music industry. Too bad her private life is increasingly unfulfilling and empty.
Cal McQueen knows what it is to be on top of the music world. A rock legend, he’s long since retired from the public eye, preferring a private life.
But when the two meet and later spent time basking in Cal’s private island retreat, they realize the key to their happiness lies in compromise, and in finding a way to make beautiful music…together.
This Retro Romance reprint was originally published in October 1983 by Silhouette Books.

As Danny Murphy drives from Buffalo to her cousin’s farm in Minnesota, she hopes to find inspiration for her latest magazine article on farming in the Midwest. When her car breaks down in a Minnesota sunflower field, she finds what she’s been looking for in Andrew Drake. For several wonderful days, Danny learns the pleasures of rural life – and life with Andrew. But Andrew wants to be more than just Danny’s “research”. How can she convince him that she doesn’t want to simply drive off and leave him?
Lucky 13
To add experience to her Civil Engineer degree, before she begins a full-time job with her brother’s engineering company in Minneapolis, Carolyn Creighton takes a summer job as a flagger on a road construction crew in northern Minnesota. The crew consists of two women and twelve men. The thirteenth man is the granite-hard boss, Luke Stanford. Luke runs a tight ship, and to achieve their heavy work-load in a short time, his policy is absolute decorum between the men and women on the crew. After witnessing the results of too much casualness between the crew members, Carolyn is forced to agree with Luke’s policy, and tries to treat all the men as equals. However, Luke finds it difficult to achieve this decorum when he begins to fall in love with Carolyn.
Read an excerpt and buy the book here.
The Fletcher Legacy
When her father’s death put Leslie Fletcher at the helm of Fletcher Paper, she vowed to prove herself worthy of the task – but she didn’t bargain on woodsman Gage Preston! Taking advantage of Leslie’s vulnerability as Fletcher’s new CEO, Gage finally had the opportunity to force a clean up of Fletcher’s northern British Columbia mill – and nothing was going to stop him! But neither Gage nor Leslie were prepared for the passions that flared between them..When I lived in British Columbia I worked at an office for a Financial Adviser and one of his clients was a New Zealander who spent the winters log salvaging in BC. I kept his story with me for years and then a decade later, I decided to write The Fletcher Legacy. This book was originally published as a Silhouette Romance. Read an excerpt and buy the book here.
Love’s Design
Lori Fenton has big plans – she aspires to be the first female architect in Ashton Heights, New York. But first she must gain experience at a local architectural firm before she can go into business for herselfWhen handsome architect Sean Matheson comes to work for Randall & Rhodes to help design a new ski resort, Lori attempts to treat Sean like a co-worker and team player. She certainly doesn’t want to interrupt her career aspirations by falling in love with him.But as they work together on the project, they find that their collaboration sparks an interest in more than just the blueprints. While Lori is befuddled by a love that isn’t as simple as the designs for her buildings, she also isn’t willing to give up on her dreams. Can she settle on a life plan that will make her happy?
Family Affairs
The haunting memory of her mother’s dismissal as housekeeper from Stanton Farm has never left Kim Russell. It is the source of a terrible secret which only she and Brett Stanton share. So, Kim is stunned to learn that her younger sister Josie will marry Brett’s younger brother.In Chicago, Kim feels she has risen above her Kentucky upbringing because a successful career in advertising has shielded her from her past. Naturally, she has no wish to reacquaint herself with Brett Stanton, but while rehearsing for the wedding, Kim is drawn to the dynamic heir to the Stanton fortune. Despite this fact, Kim seeks to maintain her independence and restore her family’s dignity. So, can love really exist for Kim and Brett?
Racing Hearts
Kate Mortimer’s inheritance, Fitzhenry Farm, has an elegant farmhouse, acres of countryside, and a thoroughbred racehorse. It also earns Kate the resentment of her uncle’s former manager/trainer, Rafe Colson. Until Kate’s Uncle Arden died, Rafe’s career dreams were centered on one horse – Talisman. Now he has to move from the cottage he loves and hand his prize over to a city woman.
Recently jilted by her fiancé, Kate desperately needs a future. Keeping the farm and forging a business partnership with Rafe seems the most logical way to deal with her emptiness. Or is it logical when falling in love with Rafe could be dangerous to her fragile heart? Rafe has made it clear that the only woman for him is one who shares his horse racing heart.
Tropical Dreams
It is a tropical paradise. Since the death of her brother Larry, Rayne Sinclair has run the Silver Island Resort Hotel in the British Virgin Islands for her sister-in-law, Tanya. Rayne is determined to raise the hotel past its current financial troubles and keep it in the family where it belongs.When Nick Lewis, owner of many big resorts, comes to vacation on Silver Island, everyone is convinced that he plans to try and buy the family out. Can Rayne fight her attraction to this handsome and very winning man? Is it really love she shares with him, or is Nick just using her to take away the dreams of her family?


The Marriage Dance
The dancer and the lawyer. Could love conquer all?Anni Ross was so vibrant, so intense, totally wrong for Steve Hunter. But Steve pursued her anyway to join Anni in a dance that was for life.Writing as Jillian James this book was published in 1998 by Robinson Scarlet.
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The Fletcher Legacy Silhouette Romance w/a Faye Wildman
Whispers of the Heart Serenade Romance w/a Jillian Fayre
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